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Urban Climate Resilience Community Of Practice (read in Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt)

What is the UCR-CoP?

The Urban Climate Resilience Community of Practice (UCR-CoP) was established in December 2011 under the purview of the Vietnam Urban Forum, in recognition of the need to share and learn from the ongoing efforts by diverse stakeholders working in the urban climate change resilience field. (Click the left image or here to download UCR-CoP flier)

The UCR-CoP is a forum for individuals, community groups, civil society organizations, private companies, research institutions, international organizations, and national and sub-national government authorities to exchange knowledge, share good practices and learn together about urban climate change resilience.

Key objectives of the UCR-CoP

  • Capacity building: enable members to have access to information, research, training, current events and funding opportunities in urban climate change;
  • Resource sharing: share good practices, respond to questions, identify useful resources and links, point to sources of data;
  • Advocacy: provide a structure for members to develop common advocacy agendas on urban climate change resilience and build relationships between members for coordination, dialogue and advocacy in relation to climate change responses and participation in policy processes nationally and sub-nationally.

Who can join the UCR-CoP?

UCR-CoP membership is free and open to all interested organizations and individual practitioners who are supporting efforts to build urban climate resilience in Viet Nam. The UCR-CoP currently connects an informal network of about 100 national and international organizations as well as individual experts and practitioners that are working across the areas of disaster risk reduction, urban development and climate change resilience.

UCR-CoP members are working to:

  • Exchange knowledge and engage in critical reflection about urban climate resilience practices
  • Develop new collaborations across organizations and sectors
  • Hold conferences, training events, and site visits
  • Share contacts, resources, events and capacity
  • Respond to requests from other members

The UCR-CoP hosts regular meetings and also provides an opportunity for members to interact through the UCR-CoP blog and calendar.

How does the UCR-CoP operate?

The UCR-CoP is supported by the Vietnam Urban Forum, which was established in 2003 by the Ministry of Construction to promote dialogues and knowledge sharing amongst various stakeholders who can actively contribute to policy development and improve effectiveness of urban management and development in Vietnam. The UCR-CoP is a thematic platform under the Vietnam Urban Forum, for organizations and individual experts and practitioners with special interest in building climate resilience for cities in Vietnam.

A core group of UCR-CoP members facilitate communication between group members and organize meetings and annual planning. The initial core members include:

How to stay in touch

Join our mailing list to become a member of the UCR-CoP and receive regular updates, meetings invitations and our quarterly newsletter. For further information please contact moderator@ucrcop.com.

You can also stay up-to-date on the latest urban climate change resilience work, by following the UCR-CoP blog, just press follow on the right-hand side of this page.

The UCR-CoP also proudly supports the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, a membership-based platform comprised of practitioners and institutions committed to creating knowledge, accessing resources, and influencing agendas to build inclusive urban climate change resilience across the Asian region. To become a member of this network click here.

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