Nobel Prize Teacher Summit Scholarships 2019

Are you a teacher from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, Georgia or Belarus?

And are you trying to make climate change understandable to your students? Would you like to meet with Nobel Prize Laureates, top researchers and engaged teacher colleagues from all over the world? Apply for a scholarship to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2019.


A scholarship to attend a four day program including an international teacher conference and study visits to schools.


Stockholm, Sweden at the Nobel Prize Museum, schools and the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit.


Arrive to Stockholm Wednesday 9 October and depart back home Sunday 13 October 2019.


Engaged teachers from the 8 above stated countries are eligible to apply no later than 1 June.


Stockholm, Sweden is the home of the Nobel Prize. This prize is awarded every year to those scientists, peace activists and writers who have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind. And without teachers, there will be no new Nobel Laureates! This is why we founded the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit, an annual international conference for teachers, which focuses on education’s enormously important role in making the world better. The conference is 11 October and for international participants, we offer a four-day program including school visits.

Now we are able to sponsor some of the participants with a scholarship to cover most of the costs for a number of engaged teachers from 8 selected countries. Are you that teacher?

Let’s meet and discuss how to address climate change in education together with Nobel Laureates, top scientists and teachers from all over the world.

Scholarships to attend the 2019 Nobel Prize Teacher Summit – apply no later than 1 June

With support from the Swedish Institute – a government agency that provides information about Sweden and promotes cultural, educational and research exchanges with other countries – we can now offer a number of teachers from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, Georgia or Belarusa scholarship enabling them to attend a four-day program in Stockholm at the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit.

The Summit will take place on Friday, 11 October, and the international participants are invited to an extended program that includes both Wednesday 9 October late afternoon, full days Thursday 10 October, the big conference Friday 11 October and program at the Nobel Prize Museum Saturday 12 October. You will depart from Stockholm Sunday 13 October or in the evening 12 October.

If you match the criteria stated below, please send in your application no later than 1stJune.

The scholarship consists of:

  • Hotel in Stockholm, 4 nights including breakfast (booked and payed for by Nobel Prize Teacher Summit)
  • Program for four days 9-12 October
  • A personal letter of invitation, for use when applying for a visa and the like.
  • Insurance during the period 9-13 October
  • The cost for your return ticket up to an amount of maximum SEK 9,000 SEK (disbursed when the participant is in Stockholm in return of a receipt of your itinerary)
  • 1000 SEK to cover additional costs such as visa and transfer

Requirements for applying for the scholarship:

  • You are a trained and professionally active teacher.
  • You understand, speak, read and write English fluently.
  • You will spread the knowledge and inspiration from the Teacher Summit to colleagues in your school or your region.
  • You arrange your own visa; when a scholarship application is approved, the scholarship recipient will receive a letter of invitation and proof of insurance to enclose in the visa application.
  • You are able to pay for your own return ticket and transfers. The scholarship is 1000 SEK plus the cost for your return ticket up to a maximum of 9000 SEK that will be disbursed in Stockholm when you arrive in October.
  • You work in one of these countries: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, Georgia or Belarus.

Criteria in assessing applicants, in addition to above requirements:

  • Assessment of a personal letter in which the applicant teacher explains how he or she will spread knowledge further in home country networks.
  • Gender balance.
  • Allocation between countries.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 1stJune 2019.


  • You may only apply by using the link above, not by letter or e-mail.
  • Applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than 1stJuly 2019 whether they have received a scholarship or not.
  • No explanations will be provided to those who do not receive a scholarship.
  • The scholarship is depending on the recipients ability to get a visa to Sweden and for this, the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit provides the scholarship recipients with a personal invitation letter and the paper of insurance. Read more about visa application here.
  • Please do not fill in any other application form for the Teacher Summit. This is the only application you need to make at this stage.

You are welcome to apply!

Apply here

For more information, please visit Nobel Prize Museum

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