Joining efforts for Urban Climate Resilience in Vietnam – Results from UCR-CoP Discussions

Meeting Discussion. Photo: ISET-Vietnam

Yesterday (May 16, 2017) in Hanoi, active participants of the UCR-CoP met for the second time in 2017 to share and update of their work in climate resilience building in various cities and levels in Vietnam. The meeting was organized at the Asian Development Bank office in Hanoi, and attended by 27 UCR-CoP members. Key contents of the sharing are as follows:

1. Action plan for urban resilience and roadmap to establish practical urban resilience indicators for Vietnam – Presentation by Dr. Tim McGrath, GIZ

Dr. McGrath shared about GIZ’s programs in Vietnam. Photo: ISET-Vietnam

Dr. McGrath shared about GIZ’s programs in Vietnam, with details about:

  • The draft of the Action Plan for urban resilience in Vietnam, which was developed by GIZ in collaboration with the Agency of Technical Infrastructure, Ministry of Construction (MOC). The action plan aims to provide leaders and officials from the government at central, provincial and city levels, development partners and consultants with the evidence and analysis to support the range of actions necessary to improve urban resilience in Vietnam. The draft action plan document will be shared with the other members for comments before finalizing and approval by MOC.
  • “Urban resilience indicators for Vietnam”, which a new project by GIZ focusing on the water sector, including flood drainage, urban sanitation and wastewater management. There was a concern raised about the potential confusion over the many sets of indicators developed or being developed, all in the area of urban resilience. Examples of these indicators include UN-HABITAT’s urban prosperity indicators, GGGI’s Green Growth indicators, World Bank’s urban management and development indicators, TAF & ISET’s urban climate resilience indicators, and now SECO & GIZ’s urban resilience indicators. However, each of the indicator sets focus on a particular aspect of urban resilience: economic growth, green growth, climate change resilience, urban management, and water. The Urban Development Agency (UDA) has a working group dedicated to coordinating all work related to indicators with these partners. All relevant indicators will be integrated into the General Statistics Office’s regular data collection, and used to provide data and criteria for classification of cities and towns.

2. Climate risk in peri-urban area: A policy agenda – Presentation by Dr. Stephen Tyler, ISET

Dr. Tyler shared findings from ISET’s case studies. Photo: ISET-Vietnam

Dr. Tyler shared findings from ISET’s case studies of urban flooding and urban planning process in peri-urban areas of Vietnam and what they mean for local and national policy-making. An important point of his presentation is that very often increased flooding and inundation in urbanizing and urbanized areas is found to be the result of new construction of transportation infrastructure without an adequate drainage system incorporated, in turn caused by the lack of data and awareness of how this can be problematic in the context of urban development and climate change. This calls for more coordination between the Departments of Construction and Transport and between the local and national levels in the development, technical design and construction of transportation infrastructure in cities of Vietnam.

3. Updates and sharing from other UCR-CoP participants:

  • UDA: Working on drafting the urban management and development law, urban development and climate change database (urban Atlas), and capacity building for staff on climate change
  • GGGI: Action plan on urban green growth
  • MDF: Training, capacity building and awareness raising, guidelines on urban risk assessment and urban climate action planning
  • AREP: consultancy in urban planning and architecture
  • GIZ: Drainage, urban planning and early warning system in the Mekong delta

Thank you very much UCR-CoP participants who participated and contributed to the sharing and discussions at this event!

ISET -Vietnam, a member of UCR-CoP facilitators

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