UCR-CoP Workshop to Get Inputs for the Vietnam City Resilience Index Held on June 17 in Hanoi


On 17 June 2016, member of the UCR-CoP met to discuss the development of the Vietnam City Resilience Index (VN-CRI) which is being developed by The Asia Foundation (TAF), the Institute for Social and Environment Transition (ISET), the Urban Development Agency (UDA), and the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association (VUPDA). The workshop to get inputs for the Vietnam City Resilience Index (VN-CRI) was held at the Asian Development Bank Office in Hanoi.

So far, the project is in pilot stages with five cities being chosen to test the relevance of the quantitative and qualitative indicators that are in development. At last week’s workshop, participants from a range of organizations and technical areas provided varied and unique insights into how the Index can be further progressed.

The project team will now be able to undertake further work to progress the Index and apply it to more cities. Ultimately the Index will be used to measure the extent to which Vietnam’s cities are resilient; the extent to which they are able cope with shocks and stresses that are caused by natural hazards and climate change. The meeting minutes has been sent to all participants of the workshop.

For further information on the event, please visit UCR CoP event page.

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