Calls for Participants “Training for Trainers on Urban Climate Change Adaptation in South East Asia” Indonesia, 2-6 November 2015

LAPAN in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry will organise Training of Trainers on “Urban Climate Change Adaptation in South East Asia” be held at Santika Hotel Depok, West Java, Indonesia from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th November 2015.  The event is a core activity under the APN CAPaBLE Project led by Remote Sensing Application Center of LAPAN (CBA2015-03NMY-Adiningsih).

The training is aimed to enhance the capacity of scientists, urban planners, and practitioners who have experiences and involved in training activities as trainers dealing with urban climate change adaptation at national and/or local levels.

Training Courses 

One-week training courses will consist of following main topics:

a. Climate change science;

b. Climate change impacts in urban area, present and future;

c. Urban risks and vulnerability assessment and mapping;

d. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into local planning system;

e. The use of remote sensing data for disaster risk mapping, urban heat island, and urban development;

f. Waste management and renewable energy for greenhouse gases emmision in urban areas;

g. Best practices in urban climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

All courses and materials of the training will be delivered by lectures, exercises, participatory discussions and site visits.


1. Educational background of university (Bachelor/Sarjana or higher) in relevant major;

2. Experience in urban planning/development and/or climate change at national/local level at least for 5 years;

3. Good proficiency in English is a must;

4. Willingness to conduct training or deliver courses on resulted modules to other urban 
planners or academician or practitioners in his/her own country or city or institution;

5. Willingness to share information and experiences in urban climate adaptation in 
respective country;

6. Adequate experience in education or training in related areas will be preferable;

7. Bring his/her own laptop to be used during the training courses.

All candidates should submit application form and CV to local organiser no later than 26th October 2015 at the latest. All correspondences and applications from the candidates should be sent to Ms. Sayidah Sulma ( and CC to Dr. Erna Sri Adiningsih (

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