UCR-CoP Participant Survey 2015

Dear UCR-CoP participants,

On behalf of the UCR-CoP co-facilitators, ISET-Vietnam would like to express our thanks to your active participation and support to the CoP from its shaping to its official kick-off on July 25, 2012 and until today.

During the last three years, UCR-CoP has been growing rapidly in number of participants, diversity of activities, and popularity among the circle of climate resilience in cities of Vietnam.

In order to evaluate results of the past period, and better plan for the next development phase of UCR-CoP, we hope that you could spend a few minutes to participate in the following survey (SurveyMonkey):

UCR-CoP survey 2015

You can complete this survey in either English or Vietnamese. We highly appreciate comments and opinions of all old and new UCR-CoP members, and will use the collected information to develop the work plan and orientation for UCR-CoP in the upcoming period.


On behalf of UCR-CoP cofacilitators

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