We paint to act against climate change

Since 2011, CCCO has organised various propaganda and awareness-raising programs for different communes, levels and sectors. Within the framework of ACCCRN, CCCO collaborated with DOET to organise the painting contest “We paint to act against climate change” at Ngo Quyen primary school on May 5th, 2014.

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It could be said that this is the first CCCO activity for pupils who are considered as the most vulnerable under climate change impacts. However, the contest left in us many happy and beautiful memories.



While directly watching the pupils figuring out ideas and drawing, we think that this contest could help them to enhance their creativity and skills for climate change response.


Although the lines and color are not sharp and professional, the pupils perfectly show their ideas through observing the change of climate, weather, the impacts, the temperature increase, change of rainfall, the floods, the droughts, the consequences… and even the solutions to mitigate climate change impacts… Some students event spent one hour figuring out the ideas and what colors would be used to demonstrate perfectly their ideas.



For those reasons, it was difficult for the examiner board to choose the winners because most of the pictures were very good at ideas, layout and colors. Finally, the painting of one 4th-grade pupil won the First Prize with the idea “Saving water, our planet is thirsty”. This painting made a deep impression on the audience for its creativity and suitable content. The examiner board also chose 2 Second Prizes and 3 Third Prizes.



This educational activity has created a good playyard for pupils and enhanced their awareness of climate chnge. CCCO will expand this activity to other schools in Danang city.

Posted by Kim Thu, CCCO Da Nang

Original post by the CCCO Da Nang

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