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World Meteorological Organization confirms 2017 among the three warmest years on record

18 January 2018 (WMO) – In a clear sign of continuing long-term climate change caused by increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been confirmed as the three warmest years on record. 2016 still holds the … Continue reading

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This is Humankind’s ‘Great Urbanisation’. We Must Do It Right, or the Planet Will Pay

The world will never again build cities as rapidly as it does this century. If we are serious about limiting global warming, tackling air pollution and promoting innovative, resource-efficient growth, there is a narrow window of opportunity Almost as staggering … Continue reading

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Bước tiến trong cuộc chiến chống biến đổi khí hậu

Gần 200 quốc gia cuối tuần qua đã đạt thỏa thuận cắt giảm phát thải khí HFC tại Kigali, Rwanda (Thỏa thuận khí hậu Kigali).  Giới chức các nước hôm 15/10 đã hội đàm tại Rwanda và đi tới quyết … Continue reading

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