Integration of Climate Change Considerations into Urban Planning in Vietnam through the Use of Strategic Environmental Assessment

Climate change is predicted to increasingly affect urban areas and almost all aspects of human life in Vietnam. There is a growing sense of urgency in Vietnam to climate proof urban development planning and urban construction.

The project aims to use Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which has been established in Vietnam since 2005. Integration of climate change in SEA is a relatively new approach, which shows a significant potential for mainstreaming climate change concerns into various planning processes. Through guidance development, pilots, and capacity building and awareness raising of central stakeholders, the project will build capacity for mainstreaming climate change adaptation into urban planning processes in Vietnam and contribute to the general international knowledge base on adaptation through environmental assessment.

The project is funded by Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and a 2-year project, finishing by the end of 2013. The project is being implemented by a consulting consortium including the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment (DCEA), Integra Consulting from Czech Republic and the Centre for Research and Planning on Urban-Rural Environment (CRURE) – Vietnam Ministry of Construction.

The project focuses on four major outputs that correspond with its specific objectives:

  • Output 1: MOC technical guidance on addressing climate change adaptation concerns in SEA of urban plans
  • Output 2: Seven pilot SEAs that rigorously consider climate change issues for urban plans in different regions in Vietnam
  • Output 3:Capacity development for integrating SEA and CC assessments into urban planning
  • Output 4: Awareness raising and promoting SEA as a formalised tool for systematic integration of CC issued into urban planning

The Final Workshop of the Project will be held on the 19th of December 2013 at 8am at the Vietnam Institute for Urban-Rural Planning, 10 Hoa Lu street and is open for all interested. In this workshop, we will distribute the Technical Guidance mentioned above. Those who would like to receive the Technical Guidance can contact the author of this post at


About Luu Duc Cuong, PhD. Director of Institute for Environmental Planning, Urban-Rural Infrastructure, Vietnam Ministry of Construction.

PhD, Director of Institute for Environmental Planning, Urban-Rural Infrastructure, Vietnam Ministry of Construction.
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